Order on-line the SPLOT or WEBPlotter software
Last revision date 3rd March 2012

You can order the SPLOT or WEBPlotter software on-line on Reg.Net - The Registration Network.

Click here to enter the SWPLOT store on Reg.Net

The store lists all available products.

For each wanted product click the corresponding Buy button. This will add the product to your shopping cart. Then continue by pressing View Cart button. Here you can edit the quantity item (number of users) for each added product and complete the order by entering all necessary data.

Please DO NOT use the above link for SPLOT if the number of users in one license is above 70.
If you want to order a SPLOT license for more than 70 users via RegNet, then please contact me first.

If you will order the LITE version please note that the LITE version has some limitations.

For information about the license types see here. If you are not sure about licensing, please contact me before buying or see the FAQ licensing section.

If you want to order an upgrade via RegNet, then please contact me.

In the process of ordering, please enter attentively and correctly your e-mail address, you will receive here the registration information.

If the software should be licensed to a company, then please don't forget to enter also full and exact name of the company (for example "ABCD Inc.", not only "ABCD").

If you are a reseller, please provide me with full name (e.g. company name) and address of your customer (as the license owner). It is just for licensing purposes only, I will never contact your customer and the software will be delivered to you (reseller) only.

Please note: You will be invoiced by the Reg.Net company, not by me.