Embedding plotter images into HTML pages

The WEBPlotter module is based on the Netscape plug-in technology so you will read here how to embed images with this technology.
Using of the plug-in modules is based on the Netscape specific HTML tag <EMBED>. This tag should be supported by all plug-in compatible HTML browsers (Netscape Navigator.2.0 or higher and Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher).
The use of the appropriate plug-in is based on the extension and/or the MIME type of the embedded file. So if you are embedding an HP-GL or HP-GL/2 file and want to display it with WEBPlotter plug-in then you should be aware that this file has a supported extensions. Also note that if you have installed more than one plugin with support to same file extension there is no guarantee which plugin will be loaded for embedded file with that extension.

To embed an HP-GL or HP-GL/2 image in your HTML document use the <EMBED> HTML tag (enclosed in angle brackets). The <EMBED> tag has the following syntax:

   <EMBED src=plot_name width=width height=height type=mime_type 
          pluginspage=url [specific attributes...]>
   <EMBED src="sample.plt" width=450 height=320 type="application/vnd.hp-HPGL"
You can see the SAMPLE.HTM file enclosed with the WEBPlotter package.
The source (src), width and height attributes are required, the type and pluginspage attributes are optional and there can be any number of application specific optional attributes. For list of WEBPlotter specific optional attributes see the on-line documentation enclosed with the WEBPlotter package.

The standard attributes for embed tag are:

SRC the source attribute
WIDTH, HEIGHT the width and height attributes
TYPE the MIME type attribute
PLUGINSPAGE the plugin's page attribute

SRC the Source attribute
This attribute defines name and location of the embedded source file. This can be a full filename with pathname or an universal resource locator (URL) address.
plot_name [string] (can be enclosed in double quotation marks)
<embed SRC=c:\plot\sample.plt width=400 height=300>
<embed SRC="http://www.swplot.com/sample.plt" width=400 height=300>

WIDTH, HEIGHT the Width and Height attributes
These attribute specify the dimension of the plug-in window on the HTML page. It is expressed either exactly in pixels or relatively in percents of the HTML page.
width [number]
height [number]
<embed src=sample.hpg WIDTH=300 HEIGHT=200>
<embed src=sample.plt WIDTH=30% HEIGHT=20%>

TYPE the MIME Type attribute
This attribute defines the MIME type of the source file (it should be one of the plugin's supported mime type). Using of this attribute can be useful if you want to embed a file with an unsupported extension (the WEBPlotter plug-in supports these extensions: plt, hpg, hgl, hp2, hpgl2). However this attribute is supported only by the Netscape browsers.
mime_type [string] (can be enclosed in double quotation marks)
<embed src="sample.plt" TYPE="application/vnd.hp-HPGL" width=450 height=320>

PLUGINSPAGE the plugin's page attribute
This attribute defines the URL location where the appropriate plug-in module can be downloaded. This navigates users who don't have installed the appropriate plug-in module yet.
url [string] (can be enclosed in double quotation marks)
<embed src="sample.plt" PLUGINSPAGE="http://www.swplot.com/wplot.htm" width=450 height=320>