About PDF viewer in SPLOT

SPLOT software contains the award winning PDF viewer and markup tool called PDF XChange Viewer from Tracker Software.

For SPLOT PRO the functionality of the integrated PDF XChange viewer conforms to the PDF XChange Viewer PRO, i.e. it includes the full markup and annotation capabilities.
The LITE version of SPLOT contains the PDF viewer without the markup and annotation capabilities.

Because this PDF viewer is fully integrated in SPLOT, you can view or edit the PDF files without leaving SPLOT. The PDF viewer can automatically open the PDF files created by SPLOT during the Export operation. By this way you can easily and quickly convert your plot files to the PDF format and instantly view and edit the PDF output in the integrated PDF viewer. Using the e-mail function directly in PDF viewer you can also dispatch the PDF files to your colleagues, clients etc.

In conjuction with the integrated file explorer in SPLOT, the access to the PDF files is very easy, quick and comfortable. You can also open more PDF files at once (with one selection in the integrated file explorer). In addition you can easily make other operations as merge PDF files or insert PDF files to an existing PDF document.

This integrated PDF viewer is legaly licensed for use in SPLOT so all registered users of SPLOT can legaly use it.