Event Types


This section lists some event types collected in the Event Log Panel.

Notice: only general errors and warnings are listed. There may be various number of specific errors, warnings and messages for individual plotter types and/or instructions. This number will probably grow in future versions of the SPLOT program.



E01: unknown instruction

E02: invalid instruction mnemonic

E03: instruction not supported for current driver configuration

E04: unknown escape sequence

E05: unknown instruction or instruction not supported in polygon mode

E06: instruction not supported in polygon mode for current driver configuration

E07: instruction ignored in picture body state - use it before any drawing instruction

E08: download buffer overflow

E09: polygon buffer overflow

E10: not enough memory to fill polygon



W01: instruction not implemented yet

W02: unsupported instruction ignored

W03: instruction disabled by user configuration

W04: non-operational (NOP) instruction ignored

W05: output instruction ignored

W06: open instruction at end of file

W07: open polygon mode at end of file