Copy to Clipboard as Metafile


The copied image can be pasted and used in many programs with metafile support (e.g. MS Word, MS Excel, etc.).

The image can be copied in Enhanced Metafile (Win32) format (recommended for clipboard copy) or in older Windows Metafile (Win3.x) format. The parameters of the metafile rendering are the same as set in the Export dialog (where you can save metafile to a disk file or also copy to clipboard).

If you will invoke this command via the toolbar button then the used format (Enhanced Metafile or Windows Metafile) is the same as lastly used in the Export dialog.


Notice: The SPLOT program always needs to use the Enhanced Metafile format when rendering the metafile because the Windows Metafile format does not provide all GDI options used by SPLOT. The Windows Metafile format (when needed) is converted from enhanced metafile at the end of rendering process using Win32 API support.