Page Bar


The Page Bar is designed for multi-page plot files.


Page Bar

Page Bar


The Page Bar consists from two parts:

1.The navigation tab control at left (next called Page Tab), with which you can quickly switch among the pages.
2.The Page Toolbar at right, with which you can invoke functions, which will be performed only on the active page. The functions invoked form the main toolbar (for example rotation) are valid for all pages.


To configure the Page Bar, use the corresponding submenu in the View menu or a context menu called by a right mouse click on the Page Bar:


Show Auto - the Page Bar is displayed only for multi-page plot files.


Show Always - the Page Bar is displayed permanently.


Show Never - the Page Bar is never displayed.


Show Page Tab - if unchecked, the the Page Tab will not appear.


Show Toolbar - if unchecked, the the Page Toolbar will not appear. However you cannot hide both controls (Path Bar and Toolbar).


Alignment - you can align the Page Bar top or bottom of the drawing.