Output Size for DXF/DXB formats

For the DXF and DXB formats you can select the output size as Absolute or Relative.

The Absolute output size is given absolutely and unitless. You must specify at least both X and Y dimensions. The output size and offsets are understood in units to be defined in AutoCAD or in another program to which you will import the resulting DXF/DXB output.

The Relative output size gives you the ability to easy scale the resulting output along to your needs. The ratio between the input (plotter) and output (DXF/DXB) units will be interpreted along the given one DXF/DXB unit (which can be expressed in millimeters, centimeters or inches).

Example: If you will enter one DXF/DXB unit equal to 1mm and one plotter unit will be 0.025mm (HP-GL or HP-GL/2 unit), then 40 input units will be exported as one output unit (e.g. line [0,0]-[40,40] will be exported as line [0,0]-[1,1]). Please note that one plotter unit for DXY-GL (ROLAND DXY) plotters can be 0.025 or 0.1 mm and you can set this unit size under Plotter Options dialog for the ROLAND DXY plotter types.

The X and Y offsets are always entered in DXF/DXB units resulting from the selected size type.