These controls serve for switching scaling on or off and for editing the scaling value. Switching the scaling on enables you to print in a desired scale; e.g., if you set the scale factor to 100%, the printed output will be in 1:1 scale to the original plotter size.

Note that using of scaling can cause that the size of the scaled image is larger than the size of one printer page. If the printer page is not large enough to hold the entire scaled image then you can try:

- reduce the page margins (as set in the Page Setup dialog).

- enable the Ignore Oversize switch. Then some parts of the printed image can lie outside of a paper (according to the chosen alignment - see the Alignment control).

- enable the Tiled Print option.

Switching the scaling on automatically switches on the proportional aspect ratio of the printed image (see the Aspect Ratio controls).

If the scaling is switched off, the printed image will be fitted (proportionally or completely) to the maximum possible area size of the printer page.