How to order the SPLOT or WEBPlotter software directly from the author
Last revision date 24th April 2012

If you will decide to order the SPLOT or WEBPlotter software please study the LICENCE.TXT file (enclosed with each software package) or the licensing information in on-line help.

To calculate a correct registration price go to here. Or you can use the Calculate registration fee dialog, which is part of the SPLOT and WEBPlotter software (in both programs it is available in the Help submenu).

Author can accept payment by some of these ways:

  • On-line payment:
    The on-line payment is provided via quick and secure PayPal service. You can pay here also with your card even if you have no PayPal account. Go to on-line order form to use this.
  • Bank transfer:
    Author can send you a proforma-invoice with a bank account number. Then you will receive the ordered software and final invoice as soon as your payment will be done to this account.
    To ask for the proforma-invoice use either on-line order form or e-mail your request to If you want the invoice to be drawn in another currency than EUR please let me know in comments.
  • Bank or travelers cheque (enclosed in postal mail):
    Please make a cheque payable to Alexandr Novy and in EUR or USD currency. The "International Money Orders" are also accepted.
  • Cash (money enclosed in postal mail):
    This might be the most cheap method for you, but at your risk.
  • Credit or debit card (mail or fax order):
    Only MasterCard (MC) or VISA cards are accepted directly by the author (mail or fax order). For other card types (e.g. American Express) please use on-line ordering (you can do it of course also for MC or VISA cards).
    To make mail or fax order, fill out carefully the card information in the Registration / Order Form.
    The card order must be signed by the card holder and please state also so called CVC2/CVV2 code, i.e. last three digits of the number contained in the signature strip on the reverse side of your card.

  • All customers will receive a regular invoice in accordance with EU directives (including those paying on-line).

    Important notice for EU customers: Czech Republic is an EU member so please provide me also with your VAT number. Customers without VAT number or Czech residents must pay me also Czech VAT. Customers with VAT number outside Czech Republic owe VAT in their country. All listed prices are without VAT.

    For postal or fax orders please use the Registration/Order Form supplied with each package (as provided in the file ORDER.TXT or in the help file).

    If you cannot pay in advance then I need to receive your legal corporate order with a valid PO number and signed by an authorized person(s). The order must contain your company name and address (as order party) with full name and e-mail address of the responsible person(s), your VAT number (if applicable - see above), my name and address (as supplier), date and number of the order, exact license description and agreed price. The order must contain your explicit statement that you agree to pay this price to the supplier within a reasonable period. Simply speaking such order must be in form of a legal agreement. For information purposes you can also enclose the software order form as provided in the ORDER.TXT file.

    If you will place an postal order please send a completed order form to:

    Alexandr Novy
    Chynovska 487
    391 56 Tabor
    Czech Republic

    or you can also fax your order to
    Fax +420-381-254870.

    If your will request a proforma-invoice use either on-line order form or you can simply e-mail your request to

    Please do not e-mail me your credit card data. I cannot accept orders with credit card numbers via e-mail because I have agreement for mail orders only and I need a credit card owner's signature on the order. So you should mail or fax these orders. For on-line payment with your card please use either on-line order form or you can use also the Reg.Net service.