Force Redraw Switch


This switch defines if an open of a file is treated as the Restart or as the Redraw operation. Here under open a file operation these actions are meant:

open a file from the open dialog
open a file through DDE command (via Windows File Manager or File Explorer)
open a file through a drag & drop operation
selecting a file from the recent file list
selecting a file from the embedded File Explorer
automatic reopen a file as a result of File Watching


The default is restart and the change of this behaviour is not saved for a later use to avoid confusion of users from a possible strange SPLOT behaviour.


By checking this switch the redraw mode will be used. This can be useful namely for observation of detailed (zoomed, trimmed etc.) differences between two or more files, for monitoring of detailed changes in one file (can be done automatically via File Watching) etc. However please note that some view attributes (zoom, trim, rotation) can be preserved only when the used paper size is not dynamically changed between redraws (i.e. there is no change in PS instruction between redraws).