Send file

The Send to... process allows you to send the file to a given printer or port or e-mail recipient.

By this way you can directly send (copy) the file to a device (printer, plotter etc.) attached to your computer. The file is sent directly without any modification. For example you can send just viewed HP-GL/2 file to your HP-GL/2 plotter for a direct plotting (see example bellow).


There are available these target types:


1) PRO only Printer - this means that the file is directly sent to a printer driver installed in your system. The printer driver does not modify the received data in any way and directly sends them to a port assigned with the printer driver (the port selection and configuration is made via Control Panel -> Printers). The advantage of this method is that the sent data are spooled by the system spooler.


Please note that the Printer term means here a printer software driver installed in the system and it can represent a device of any type, i.e. some hardware device attached to your computer (printer, plotter, fax machine etc.) or a pure software device (e.g. PDF writer). The sense of the Send command in SPLOT is to send the plot file in an unmodified form to a device which can directly interpret this plot file (e.g. HP-GL/2 plotter), certainly it has no sense to send the plot file to a fax machine or PDF writer (here has sense only the Print command). So please be really careful when using the Send command. You must know that the target device is able to process the sent data (mostly HP-GL, HP-GL/2 or HP-RTL data). Otherwise the result can be unpredictable.


2) PRO only Port - this means that the file is directly sent to a hardware port (e.g. serial communication ports COM1, COM2 etc. or parallel communication ports LPT1, LPT2 etc.). The data are not spooled so SPLOT is busy until the operation is complete. The port settings (e.g. baud rate for a serial port) can be set in a system configuration dialog (not available for all ports). The port is not available if it is already used by another application.


3) E-mail - this means that the file will be sent to an e-mail recipient using an e-mail client software installed in your system. For details refer to the E-mail topic.



You have an HP DesignJet plotter attached to serial port COM1. You have two options how to send (copy, i.e. directly plot) the just viewed file on your plotter:

1) You have installed in your system a printer driver and this driver is attached and configured to the COM1 port. The you can send the file to this printer driver.
2) You can send the file directly to the COM1 port.

In both cases the port settings must match communication settings of your plotter.


To start the Send to process use the corresponding dialog under the File menu.


PRO only You can also send more files at once using the Batch function.