Batch operation

PRO only


The Batch operation allows you to perform selected operation on more files altogether in one task. These operations are:

Send to a device
Send to an e-mail recipient
Archive - to store files in a ZIP archive or SPLOT archive.
Extract - to extract files stored in archive(s).
Encrypt - to encrypt with password files stored in archive(s).
Test - to test for integrity files stored in archive(s).


The Batch operation setup dialog configures the batch operation to perform a required task. Click on the following individual items of this dialog to get more help:


Operation type



Input type

Input mask(s)

Input directory

Input list

Include subdirectories


Default copies

Add to list

Remove from list

Shift up in list

Shift down in list

Load list

Save list

Output mask

Output file

Print to file

Single output




The SPLOT program can be run also in standalone batch mode from command line.


For the the Print, Export and Sent to operations you can run the batch task also in so called Watch mode, which allows to watch a selected folder and continually process here new or modified plot files.