About SPLOT archive format

The SPLOT archive is a compressed container for plot files, like any other file archive (for example ZIP, RAR etc.). The main purpose is to allow an easy and secure sharing of plot files for SPLOT users.


All plot files contained in a licensed SPLOT archive can be viewed (and optionally printed, converted etc.) without any restriction also with the evaluation copy of SPLOT. This means that SPLOT behaves as a free application for all files contained in a licensed SPLOT archive. Licensed SPLOT archive is those created in a registered SPLOT copy. The evaluation copy of SPLOT can create SPLOT archives only for evaluation purposes (such archives cannot be used for sharing and only the creator can use them).


By this way all registered SPLOT users can easily and securely provide their plot files (plans, designs etc.) to anyone for a wanted purpose. For example if you want to provide your plans to some your client for review only, you can store them into SPLOT archive, set the security options to 'view only' and send the SPLOT archive to your client. Your client does not need to use a registered copy of SPLOT, he can use the evaluation copy of SPLOT which is free for that purpose.


SPLOT archive has these main advantages:

You can share your plot files (drawings) directly in HPGL, HP-GL/2 or HP-RTL format. So conversion is not necessary before you provide your drawings to anyone.
It is flexible. You can create protected or unprotected archives. The protected archive has all properties (permissions, description, notes) protected by owner password. The permissions are: Printing, Exporting, Extraction, Modification, Annotation. Unprotected archive (without owner password) has all permissions allowed and all properties can be changed by anyone.
The files contained in a SPLOT archive can be encrypted by user password. So you can create SPLOT archive which content is accessible only by authorized person(s).
It is a proprietary format with a strong security (256-bit AES encryption). This gives you a guarantee that your drawings will be really used only for the allowed purpose along preset permissions (unlike other public or widely used formats like PDF, which can be easily cracked).
The files contained in a SPLOT archive can be easily and directly accessed via the SPLOT file explorer.



The evaluation (unregistered) copy of SPLOT cannot create shareable (licensed) SPLOT archives. So if you want to test how the licensed archives behave under the unregistered copy of SPLOT, you should either receive some licensed archive from a registered SPLOT user or you can download some licensed archives here.


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