Create and modify SPLOT Archive


All archive operations are performed by using the embedded SPLOT file explorer in conjunction with the Batch dialog.


To create or modify a SPLOT archive simply select one or more files and/or directories in the File Explorer, which should be added to the archive. Then press the SPLOT archive toolbar button ARCHSPA. This will open the Batch dialog with the corresponding operation and file list. After checking and possibly correcting the parameters (archive name and location, archive options etc.) simply press the OK button. If the archive name does not exist, then a new archive will be created with adding the selected files. An existing archive will be modified by adding or replacing the selected files (along options set in the Batch dialog).


To delete or rename a file or directory in the archive, simply use directly the SPLOT file explorer. Please note that the SPLOT file explorer works with the archives as with normal folders, so you can work with the files stored in the archive as with the normal files.


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