Command Line Parameters


The SPLOT command line (as it can be used in the Program Manager's Program Item Properties) has the following syntax (items inside square brackets are optional):


SPLOTW32.EXE  [startup_directory_name]   [plot_filename]   [/parameter]




SPLOTW32.EXE  is the SPLOT executable file name,


and the optional items are:



is the name for the current working directory immediately after the program startup. You can set this directory name in the Program Manager's Program Item Properties too. The setting of the startup directory is important because the SPLOT program searches for the Configuration Files first in this directory.



is the name of the file which will be plotted immediately after program startup (if it exists).



Optional parameters (always preceded by the slash character) are:



is the name of the plotter device which will be simulated after program startup.The following names are allowed:


VIEWER for the HP-GL/2 viewer (requires HPVIEW.DLL library),

HPGL2 for the HP-GL/2 pen plotter (requires HPGL2.DLL library),

HPGL2R for the HP-GL/2 raster device (requires HPGL2.DLL library),

HP7470A for the HP7470A plotter (requires HP7470.DLL library),

HP7475A for the HP7475A plotter (requires HP7475.DLL library),

HP7440A for the HP7440A ColorPro plotter (requires HP7440.DLL library),

HP7550A for the HP7550A plotter (requires HP7550.DLL library),

HP7570A for the HP7570A DraftPro plotter (requires HP7570.DLL library),

HP7575A for the HP7575A DraftPro DXL plotter (requires HP7570.DLL library),

HP7576A for the HP7576A DraftPro EXL plotter (requires HP7570.DLL library),

HP7595A for the HP7595A DraftMaster I plotter (requires HP7595.DLL library),

HP7596A for the HP7596A DraftMaster II plotter (requires HP7595.DLL library),

RDXY1100 for the ROLAND DXY 1100 plotter (requires ROLDXY.DLL library),

RDXY1200 for the ROLAND DXY 1200 plotter (requires ROLDXY.DLL library),

RDXY1300 for the ROLAND DXY 1300 plotter (requires ROLDXY.DLL library).



The command line

    SPLOTW32.EXE   /HP7595A

starts the SPLOT program with simulating of the HP7595A DraftMaster I plotter.


If you do not use this command line parameter, the SPLOT program uses a default device name which depends on plotter type for which you ordered the SPLOT program. If you ordered SPLOT program for more than one plotter type you will receive more SPLOT executable files (which will vary by the default startup plotter type) along with corresponding DLL libraries. However, you can copy to your disk only one SPLOTW.EXE instance with all needed plotter DLL libraries. Then you can create more SPLOT program items in Program Manager which will vary by the device_name command line parameter.


After program startup you can change simulated plotter type the Plotter Type Menu.




PRO only

This parameter starts SPLOT in standalone batch mode. This parameter can contain filename of the batch configuration file, which is separated by the colon character. If the filename contains spaces, then the whole parameter including the filename must be enclosed in quotation marks.



    SPLOTW32.EXE   /BAT:c:\plt\bat.cfg

    SPLOTW32.EXE   "/BAT:c:\plt\my bat.cfg"


See here for description of the standalone batch mode and the batch configuration files.