Plotter Type Menu


The Plotter Type menu serves for selecting a desired plotter type for simulation. You must have a corresponding DLL module:

Plotter type                   Module name

HP-GL/2 viewer                HPVIEW.DRV

HP-GL/2 pen plotter                       HPGL2.DRV

HP-GL/2 raster device        HPGL2.DRV

HP 7470A                        HP7470.DRV

HP 7475A                        HP7475.DRV

HP ColorPro                     HP7440.DRV

HP 7550A                        HP7550.DRV

HP DraftPro                     HP7570.DRV

HP DraftMaster                HP7595.DRV

ROLAND DXY                 ROLDXY.DRV


An UNREGISTERED COPY of the program is available only with the HP-GL/2, HP 7475A and HP DraftMaster DLL modules. The versions with the other plotter types can be received only on the basis of a regular registration. See the Licensing, registration and evaluation information.