Licensing, registration and evaluation information


SPLOT is distributed as "Shareware" or "User Supported Software" and is fully copyrighted. If you register the program you will receive these benefits:


1) The latest version of SPLOT.
2) A technical reference in Windows help format which describes all plotter instructions supported by SPLOT.
3) An end to the nag screens and opening banners.
4) Deep discounts on the next major versions (minor updates are free).
5) The warming feeling :-).



These are two types of license:

1) A single user license permits a single user to use SPLOT only on a single computer at a time.
2) A multi user license permits to simultaneously use more SPLOT copies on more computers at a time according to the licensed number of users.


The single user registration fee for SPLOT for Windows is 65.00 EUR for the PRO version and 39.00 EUR for the LITE version.


The price for a multi user license is a corresponding multiple of the single user registration fee reduced by a graduated discount. The discount is graduated according to the number of users:

Number of users                Discount [percent]

2 - 10                        20 %

11 - 20                        25 %

21 - 30                        30 %

31 - 40                        35 %

41 - 70                        40 %

Each user over 70 to 100 costs 5,- EUR only.

Each user over 100 costs 1,- EUR only.


To calculate the correct registration price use the Calculate SPLOT registration fee dialog (also available on-line here).



All listed prices are without VAT.

EU residents without VAT number or Czech residents must pay also Czech VAT (see

Customers with  VAT number outside Czech Republic owe VAT in their country.


All listed prices are valid only for direct purchase from the author. Purchase from other merchants can imply supplementary charge.



For ordering details please see the How to register section.





SPLOT is not and has never been public domain software, nor is it free software.


Non-licensed users are granted a limited license to use SPLOT on a 14-day trial basis for the purpose of determining whether SPLOT is suitable for their needs. The use of SPLOT, except for the initial 14-day trial, requires registration. The use of unlicensed copies of SPLOT by any person, business, corporation or any other entity is strictly prohibited.


No one may modify or patch the SPLOT executable file in any way, including but not limited to decompiling, disassembling, or otherwise reverse engineering the program.


A limited license is granted to copy and distribute SPLOT only for the trial use of others, subject to the above limitations, and also the following:

1) SPLOT must be copied in unmodified form, complete with the file containing this license information.
2) The full machine-readable SPLOT documentation must be included with each copy.
3) SPLOT may not be distributed in conjunction with any other product without a specific license to do so from author.
4) No fee, charge, or other compensation may be requested or accepted, except as authorized below:

a) Operators of electronic bulletin board systems (sysops) may make SPLOT available for downloading as long as the above conditions are met. An overall or time-dependent charge for the use of the bulletin board system is permitted as long as there is not a specific charge for the download of SPLOT.

b) Vendors of user-supported or shareware software may distribute SPLOT after obtaining written permission from author. Such permission is usually granted. Vendors may charge a reasonable disk duplication and handling fee.






Licensed user are bound to the following licensing agreement.


You may not transfer your license without written permission from author. A single user license permits a user to use SPLOT only on a single computer at a time.


This product is distributed AS IS. The author specifically disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose with respect to defects in the diskette and documentation, and program license granted herein, in particular, without limiting operation of the program license with respect to any use or purpose.  In no event shall the author be liable for any loss of profit or damage including but not limited to special, incidental, consequential or other damages.


By licensing SPLOT you agree to the above licensing agreement.