The measurement feature in SPLOT is designed to measure distances and areas in the drawing.


The following measuring tools (shapes) are available:

Single line - distance only.

Poly-line - distance only.

Rectangle - distance and area.

Quadrate - distance and area.

Ellipse - distance and area.

Circle - distance and area.


To start the measurement use the measuring submenu and select here the desired measuring tool. The measuring submenu is available in the Tools submenu of the main SPLOT menu or it is adjacent to the measuring button in the main toolbar. You can also go quickly to the measuring mode by pressing the measuring button in the toolbar or by double-clicking the middle mouse button in the drawing (in such case the last used measuring tool is used).


In the measuring mode:

use the left mouse click to define the first or any subsequent (for poly-line) point of the shape.
use the left mouse double-click to close the poly-line (see also below for closing mode option).
use mouse move to change the size of the shape (you don't need to hold any button).
use the next left mouse click to fix the shape.
use the middle mouse click to go one step back in the shape definition (for example to release a fixed shape).
use the middle mouse double-click or the Escape key (if enabled in the Control section of the Preferences dialog) to cancel the measuring mode. You can cancel the measuring mode also by the measuring button in the toolbar.
use the right mouse click followed by the middle mouse click to quickly call the measuring submenu in the measuring mode. You can change here the measuring tool (shape) or immediately change measuring options.


The measured values (distances and area) are displayed either in the Status Bar, or they can be reflected in the Ruler (only vertical and horizontal  projections of the distance boundaries).


To configure the measurement use the following options available in the measuring submenu:


Fill measured area - if checked, the the measured area will be filled by a pattern.

Inscribed Ellipse - the ellipse is defined by a circumscribed or inscribed rectangle. So if his option is checked, the definition rectangle is treated as inscribed.

Draw centre - if checked, then a centre mark (a cross) is drawn in the centre of the measured area.

Center Rectangles - if checked, then the first definition point of a rectangle or circle defines the centre of the shape. Normally the first definition point defines a first corner of the shape.

Prefer ruler unit - if checked and the Ruler is displayed, then the measuring unit is the unit of the ruler. Otherwise a default unit is used, as defined in the Info section of the Preferences dialog.

Show in ruler -  - if checked and the Ruler is displayed, then the measurement is reflected in the ruler (only vertical and horizontal projections of the distance boundaries).

Color - select here a desired color for the measuring shapes.

Fill is Solid - if checked and the measured area is filled, then the fill pattern is a solid color. Otherwise it is crosshatched.

Close poly-lines with add - if checked, poly-lines are closed by adding a new last line. Otherwise they are closed by changing the last line. Use left mouse double-click to close the poly-line.