Shell Integration

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The Windows Shell organizes system objects (files, folders, virtual objects) into a hierarchical namespace and provides users and applications with a consistent and efficient way to access and manage objects. Applications can integrate various extensions to the Window Shell.


Currently the SPLOT Shell Integration consists from customizing the system context menu, a menu which appears if you click with right mouse button on item(s) in namespace, for example on files and folders in Windows File Explorer. By this way you can run various SPLOT tasks (mostly batch tasks) on selected items in any program, which supports system context menu (usually file managers).


Click on an individual item to get more help about options for SPLOT context menu integration:

Enable integration to system context menu

Support separate ZIP files

Treat ZIP files also as folders

Support PDF files

Batch files merging

Always insert space at begin and end

Standalone batch invoked via context menu saves options