Tiled Print


The tiled print is a feature that enables to divide a scaled print among more printer pages in case when one printer page is not large enough to hold the entire scaled image.

In the process of the tiled print the page margins (as set in the Page Setup dialog) are ignored (by other words they are set to zero for a maximum utilization of the page size). So if you have enabled the tiled print and the only reason for using of the tiled print was a big page margin then the tiled print can result to printing only one page.

You can set various tiled print options (frames, alignment) in the Tiled Print Options dialog.


Under Win95/98 or Win32s the tiled print feature in the current version of SPLOT has this limitation:

The overall size (for each axis) of the scaled image expressed in device (printer) units (pixels) cannot exceed 32000 units and this above overall size includes also possible left and top margins on a first (upper-left) page (that margin can imply from a defined alignment).

This limitation is a result of only 16-bit GDI processing under Win95/98 and Win32s.

The above limits are sufficient for most standard tiled prints, e.g. for a typical 600 dpi laser printer 32000 device units are amply sufficient to print an A0 sized image on more A4 pages.

If you will be noticed by the SPLOT program that the above limits were achieved then you can try to reduce a printer resolution (e.g. from 600dpi to 300dpi) in the print setup or to reduce the possible left and top margins on the upper-left page by setting an appropriate print alignment.