Full Screen


This mode is intended to provide maximum possible area for drawing on the screen. In this mode the SPLOT main window occupies all the available screen  area and stays top of all other running applications including system taskbar etc. To provide maximum area for the drawing, the SPLOT main window hides title bar, menu bar and by default all auxiliary views and controls, as tool bar, status bar, page bar, ruler and explorer. However these auxiliary views and controls can be separately enabled (or again disabled) also in Full Screen mode via the context menu called by right mouse click in the drawing window.


To invoke/cancel the Full Screen mode use the F11 or F12 key, or use a left mouse double-click in the drawing window (this use of the left mouse double-click can be suppressed in the Control section of the Preferences dialog).


By default SPLOT never starts in Full Screen mode. This can be changed via the Allow start in Full Screen mode option in the General section of the Preferences dialog.