Licensing, registration and evaluation information
PRO/LITE version
How to register
Registration / Order Form
SPLOT Working Principles
Command Line Parameters
Zoom Command
Resize Command
Trimming box manipulation
Trim Command
Trim Extents Command
Expand Command
Send file
ZIP Options
PDF Viewer
SPLOT Archive format
Create and modify SPLOT Archive
SPLOT Archive security
SPLOT Archive Options dialog
SPLOT Archive Properties dialog
SPLOT Archive description
Text Filter
Pen Identification
Configuration Files
File Menu
Open Dialog
Redraw Command
Restart Command
Force Redraw Swicth
Watch File Switch
Close Command
Printer Configuration
Printer Select Dialog
Page Setup Dialog
Print Setup Dialog
Print Dialog
Print Options Dialog
Tiled Print
Tiled Print Options Dialog
Export Dialog
HP-GL Export Dialog
HP-GL/2 Export Dialog
HP-GL/2 export options
DXY-GL Export Dialog
DXF Export Dialog
DXF export options
DXB Export Dialog
DXB export options
WMF Export Dialog
PDF Export Dialog
PDF Engine
PDF Image mode
PDF Security
PDF Monochrome Setup
PDF Description
Raster Image export
Send file
Copy Image to Clipboard Command
Copy to Clipboard as Bitmap
Copy to Clipboard as Metafile
Batch operation
Batch Options dialog
Standalone batch mode
Watch mode
Options for Watch mode
Exit Command
Options Menu
Plotter Type Menu
Paper Size Topics
Paper Size Menu
Paper Size Options
Paper Size Options Dialog
Paper Size Dialog
About Paper Sets
Pen Colors Dialog
Set All Pen Colors Dialog
Pen Widths Dialog
Set All Pen Widths Dialog
Plotter Specific Options Dialog
Preferences Dialog
General Preferences
Control Preferences
Print Preferences
Info Preferences
Zoom Preferences
Plotter Preferences
Text Filter
PDF Viewer Preferences
Shell Integration
Explorer Options
Proportional Aspect Ratio Switch
Dynamically Resize Switch
Dynamically Zoom Switch
Dynamically Trim Switch
Prefer Exact Trim
Save Options Dialog
Auto Save Options Switch
View Menu
Next/Previous Page
Information Panels
Cursor Position Panel
Pen Panel
Plotter State Panel
Event Log Panel
Event Log Setup Dialog
Event Types
Arrange Panels Command
Auto Arrange Switch
Auto Hide Switch
Black Background
Inverse Colors
Drawing Alignment
Aerial View
Tool Bar
Status Bar
Status bar Configuration
Page Bar
Ruler Configuration
Define custom unit for Ruler
Ruler origin
Virtual Folders
New Folder dialog
Explorer Options
Full Screen
Rotation Menu
Screen Rotation
Plotter Rotation
Keyboard Shortcuts

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